Every Sunday I have a routine in which I wake up early,make a thermos of coffee and drive to a nearby lake and enjoy the solitude of water meeting land and sky. I find Sundays to be different than all other days and maybe that comes from my childhood. I open my windows a bit in my car and listen to the sound of the birds, the wind, the waves when they are big enough to be heard and wait for my favorite show on NPR to come on at 7 AM called OnBeing.

I love the art of conversation.Not superficial or confrontational conversation but artistic conversation where chemistry occurs and the art is created right in front of the listeners eyes [or ears].My post this week is one of those conversations and hope you find the time to listen through the whole ‘conversation’.Much of what motivated me to start writing is in this conversation. It is one of my favorites with John O’Donohue and the accent doesn’t hurt either.


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