Where Am I?

After some time away from the blog, while renovating a house and dealing with life in general; add in a laptop crash with all of my passwords to the previous blog and other assorted things, I have recreated and rebuilt the blog and I view as a new beginning of sorts. The world continues to evolve at breakneck speed with events that could crush the toughest among us. I see an election scenario that at times makes me feel like I have been left in an old Looney Toon cartoon on both sides. The temptation is to focus the commentary to these issues within a global and art context but I will trust that each of us absorbs these world events in our own way and that it eventually takes its place within our own psyche.

I find myself asking ‘where am I?; meaning in the continuum of my development where exactly AM ‘I’? Creatively, once we begin this journey, we are pulled [sometimes dragged] down a road of opportunity as well as challenge. I think each of us looking back can find things we are much better at now than we were a year ago. I also know that we can also identify things that we still fall short of and wish we were closer to. Mastery in any arena comes in small increments, almost unnoticeable. In a time of trauma, distraction and information overload, ‘focus’ itself on what matters to us can be a challenge. There is much that we cannot control in the world and even in our lives sometimes but instilling a personal ‘practice’ is within our capacity and is ultimately our power in the world.

In light of the magnitude of serious events in the world surrounding us, the seeming triviality of our focusing on resolving our identified artistic weaknesses and committing to our stream of creative force,  is an opportunity to send flickers of vibration into the world that becomes a statement opposed to destruction in all forms. The trivial becomes epic. Your personal studio time becomes a powerful force inadvertently. Defining for ourselves what areas we know we need to improve is very important and meaningful. Maybe for a visual artist you could never draw hands so hands become your focus. For a musician maybe you are frustrated at not being able to hit that fast run of notes. For writers possibly you feel you need to be more connected to your stories and use of words, but each example focuses on mastery. This is the slow road to getting better, the noblest of activities in my view. Crafting a deliberate practice for yourself.

Looking back a year from now we all want to say, ‘my development and  commitment to excellence has made me and the world a better place despite the attempts of others to negate the best of who we are individually as well as universally.’ ‘Where am I?’ Something I think is worth taking a look at for all of us along our creative and life paths.




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