The Insignificance of Art

After a week like we have all experienced it can be very difficult to write or think about art as it can seem like the most insignificant thing in the world. But to me there is something greater in all of us who are driven to create than is in the world as we see constantly in the news. I find it interesting that our government admits to killing over 100 innocent people in their program of drone strikes to kill terrorists but then is shocked when we see similar violence within our own borders from our own people. It seems obvious that we are enveloped with a culture of violence and destruction from the highest level in Washington to the streets of our cities.

The 2 words that stand out to me  are kill and destruction as this has become the status quo regardless of the rhetoric spilling out of career politicians and influencers whoever they may be. So whether we like it or not this is the playing field that we all find ourselves on. Kill and destruction are forces, energies that are potent, disturbing and dominating…if we let them be. Bringing into being and creation are also energies that are potent, like a blade of grass pushing itself up through the concrete of the world. Imagine a terrorist learning how to make art. We should make them learn how to make art as we should every politician and world leader. Making art changes the human psyche. It just does. When you make art and choose to bring into being and create you become the opposite force to all that we don’t want to see in the world. Your choice to make something has become a radical statement.

Sensitivity to all life is being an artist. Excellence is being an artist. The world NEEDS more artists. Art should be the sentence bad people get for their acts against others. Art changes people. Both making it and appreciating it. You may go unnoticed in the news because there is nothing sensational about creating but creating IS the answer to what we see. IT makes us human and possibly divine. They say a movement begins with one and another then another. In the 60’s Flower power stopped a war, forced governments to change but more importantly made our leaders accountable for the mess that they made. Imagine what Art power can do if it is done with intention and dare I say, love. They say that artists reflect the society in which they live but I will put out a new thought. Artists, and I mean in any field of interest, can transcend the society in which they live and usher in new standards of mutual appreciation, support, sensitivity to the other and excellence that will shame any politician or proponent of evil in the world wherever they may be. So while art might seem insignificant in light of the events that occur on a regular basis these days, my vision is that the act of making art today is more profound and significant than in any other century since the beginning of time.



  1. Good bit of writing Tony! The act of trying to make art is more important than any results. And yes if every one had to try to make art occasionally it would make for a different world. The idea of displacement of one activity like killing with another like making art. You couldn’t do both at once!!


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