IMAGINATION, The Second Most Powerful Force in the World

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s I still must believe that when the majority of the world’s inhabitants decide to give love a chance  it will be seen and felt as the most powerful force there is. But while waiting for that to occur I believe that Imagination is a close second and an ever present force right now. All life altering things have their origin in the imagination.

Apart from the natural world, all that we see began as a flicker in the thoughts of someone’s imagination. Can we all recall those communicators in the original Star Trek series that looked so futuristic that it seemed like fairy tale sci- fi. But look at us now, everywhere we go we see those communicators everywhere and has become a way of life for us all whether for good or for bad. Time will tell.

Imagination can alter our chemistry and if stuck there can alter DNA and our actual physiology over time. To most of us our imagination feels transient and ethereal but when we look at history the world is abundant in evidence that thoughts, as they emerge out of the imagination, become things. We exist in the accumulated thoughts and imaginations of all humanity, contemporary and historic combined. Imagination permeates all societies by altering, crafting and perpetuating new creations in some form or another without limit. Science is evolved through imagination. Medicine is evolved through imagination. Technology is evolved through imagination. Art is evolved through imagination as is most other endeavors.

The arts has a unique place in the history of imagination in that all that we do originates from those internal flickers that have at times altered the history of the world. We feed off of this force as we develop our own profound relationship with it in the solitude of our studios, workspaces and places of thought. We connect with the same field of imagination that Leonardo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo accessed in their time. It’s like breathing the same air that they breathed.

How we each are able to express this force is up to us. Have we developed the means to transform perfectly this energy from thought to something tangible that can be seen and experienced by our five senses? This commitment to process enables possibility. What seems insignificant and random in the synapses of the brain turn out to be those flickers of potential that can impact a person, a group and a society. So as we go about making what seems to be insignificant things and as we develop our own relationship with imagination we have compelling evidence that all life enhancing ‘things’ had their origins in the same way. You are part of a heritage that makes each of us a citizen of that imaginary world equal in importance to any other who has ever lived.

When we ask ourselves are we enough or is what I am doing of any significance it would be timely to remind ourselves of that heritage that we all come from and the wisdom and abilities that those before us spent lifetimes learning. Our fathers and mothers from that imaginary universe paved the way for us to do even better things than they did. We each begin where they left off. Once we grasp this we will shift to a new awareness of what is available to us and the universal field that we exist in that we define as Imagination.

I hope you asked ‘what is it’ when looking at the image above.Use your imagination…

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  1. Thanks, Tony. Good article. I liked the part about all breathing the same air. Also appreciated your last post that broke down rejection. It changed my understanding of the process. Please keep them coming. Wishing you, your wife and family all good things in 2017. Fondly, Toni

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