Invitation to a Hanging

On Saturday, February 25, I will be doing an unusual event where, as a form of performance art, I will be installing an actual exhibition in front of a group of participating artists and anyone who has an interest in the art of arranging and installation. As a gallery owner and curator I became acutely aware that the  aspect of presentation is an art in itself. The experience that is created, in a given space, is critical to highlighting the best features of the work shown while minimizing the weakest parts. The installation as a whole becomes a greater work of art in which all of the components contribute and have their place.

Awareness that a greater work of art is being created with a combination of individual pieces, the creator gives adequate focus to each work while allowing for a deliberate flow or ‘journey’ through the ‘experience’. I use the word ‘experience’ instead of exhibit because ultimately the goal of a curator is to create an experience that will be taken away and thought about by the viewer well after they have left the physical place. They say we know a great work of art when it remains with you after you have left it. The same holds true for an art event.

I conceived the idea of doing this event after seeing a minimalization of the importance of presentation from the level of artist to the gallery more times than we would expect. But when one becomes aware of how to present an individual piece as well as a combination or body of work we add a powerful tool in our ability to communicate and create an interaction that is compelling. To my knowledge this kind of event might be a first and for sure a first for me. I have always installed my shows in solitude and rarely with anyone seeing it in process only the finished result. My hope is that the magic that occurs in the gallery setting will also appear in this performance and those who come leave with a respect and insight for this process. The link for the event is below.

Invitation to a Hanging Link


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