Transfourming Sorrow Installation

On May 20th, Transfourming Sorrow , a multi sensory installation by artist Kardash Onnig, will open in the Chapel at Wisdom House, a Retreat Center in Litchfield, Connecticut. I have organized and curated this event joining a very special place with a very special art experience.This will be the largest undertaking I have attempted and we are hoping to maximize this opportunity and message by planning a documentary , publication as well as other support events. Because of these plans we have undertaken a GoFundMe campaign that we hope you will get behind and support to enable the projects we would like to complete surrounding this event. This will be a unique experience where art will be seen in its purest form transforming a non- traditional space into a memorable experience. Please spread the word and post the link to the gofundme campaign on your facebook pages or wherever you are connected to help bring a wider visibility and awareness to what will be occurring and this event.

I have also included a link to the Wisdom House page for more information on Transfourming Sorrow.We will update as we near the opening.

Wisdom House site

GoFundMe Campaign


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