Tony Carretta has been a self-employed studio artist working in glass and metal since 1976. He has participated in numerous art fairs and has exhibited extensively in major galleries throughout the country including the White House. In 1994 Tony’s work was selected by Corning’s Museum of Glass as one the top 100 most innovative works in glass in the world. His work is included in the permanent collections of the National Gallery in Washington DC, the Corning Museum of Glass, as well as the Museum of American Glass in Wheaton, New Jersey among others. In 1996 he founded New Arts Gallery in Litchfield, CT and has exhibited the work of both major, emerging and re-emerging artists such as Sol Lewitt, Bernard Chaet, Fanny Sanin, Erwin Hauer and many others worldwide.

In 2014 he wrote ‘Studio to Wall, The Commerce of Art’, which describes his personal journey into the making and commerce of art based on his years of experience both as an artist and gallery owner.An upcomng book, ‘The Practice of Art ‘ will be released sometime in 2017.