transfourming sorrow

TV segment on ‘Transfourming Sorrow’

ORTV Link for Segment on the Kardash Onnig installation at Wisdom House. It starts at 15 minutes into the show so begin there.Feel free to comment on the piece and share the link.


Artist WalkAround w/Kardash Onnig

Next Saturday, June 3rd, 3PM at Wisdom House Chapel, Litchfield, CT we will host an artist’s walkaround through the Transfourming Sorrow installation. Kardash Onnig will discuss the inspiration for this multi-sensory installation as well as take questions from attendees. A lively discussion will be guaranteed and the public is invited to attend.

The Wisdom House link is below with all of the details of the event.

Walkaround Link

Also tomorrow morning at 10:30 there will be a television segment on the installation and the link for live streaming  is also below.


Art as Experience

Today we open the Wisdom House installation with artist Kardash Onnig.The image above is where we began and I hope everyone can come during it’s 2 month duration to see where we ended. An ongoing interest that I have had as an artist and gallery owner is moving away from the idea of art as object and conceiving and creating art as experience;¬†Liberating art from the gallery environment to something that is potentially more dynamic. It is not that far removed from a theater or concert experience. This event is an expression of place infused with an ensemble of sensory and tactile elements. It is an experiment. Creating a greater work of art with art fascinates me.

It is a new model in my path and future things like this are being planned. There will be a publication available and we are in the process of assembling a video documenting this event as well. Fingers crossed but sure is fun finding the edge and trying not to fall off .

Event Link

Transfourming Sorrow Installation

On May 20th, Transfourming Sorrow , a multi sensory installation by artist Kardash Onnig, will open in the Chapel at Wisdom House, a Retreat Center in Litchfield, Connecticut. I have organized and curated this event joining a very special place with a very special art experience.This will be the largest undertaking I have attempted and we are hoping to maximize this opportunity and message by planning a documentary , publication as well as other support events. Because of these plans we have undertaken a GoFundMe campaign that we hope you will get behind and support to enable the projects we would like to complete surrounding this event. This will be a unique experience where art will be seen in its purest form transforming a non- traditional space into a memorable experience. Please spread the word and post the link to the gofundme campaign on your facebook pages or wherever you are connected to help bring a wider visibility and awareness to what will be occurring and this event.

I have also included a link to the Wisdom House page for more information on Transfourming Sorrow.We will update as we near the opening.

Wisdom House site

GoFundMe Campaign